The Clean Phone

Clean Phone Wand

Sanitize Everything. Everywhere.

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The NEW Clean Phone

Our Flagship Model Gets An Upgrade

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Clean Phone PRO

For Your Phone. For Your Health.

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These masks have been added to the FDA Authorization list, have been tested by the NPPTL in the US, and come with anti-fraud labeling on every pouch that can be checked against the factory database. They’re re-wearable and ship immediately from the US.

Introducing The Clean Phone PRO

The most advanced UV Sanitizer

Simply The Best UV Sanitizer

9 Powerful UV-C Lights

More UV-C lights means better and faster sanitizing.

Large Compartment

Fits almost any phone on the market, or multiple household items.

Fast Wireless Charging

Conveniently charge your phone while you sanitize other items inside.

The Clean Phone WAND

Sanitize Everything. Everywhere.

The Clean Phone WAND is a totally portable weapon against bacteria and viruses. With powerful UV-C light, you can sanitizer a surface in less than a minute. Use it on keyboards, tablets, packages, groceries, fixtures and more. The battery life gives you more than a day of use in a single charge so keep it with you wherever you go to sanitize everything, everywhere. Get it today with free shipping and 4 Installment payments.

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I really like the ease of use and the fact that you can use this on any type of item and phone.

– R. Wilkerson.

I not only put my phone in it, I put my mask, keys, gloves, mess. This is a great product for our new reality.

– T. Paulsen

Get Cleaner. Faster.

UV-C light is proven effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria and eliminating viruses. The Clean Phone Pro employs a 9 light mesh in the 240-280nm wavelength. Compare that with most sanitizers that use 2 lights. The extra UV-C lights mean greater effectiveness and shorter cycle times. The Clean Phone Pro gets your items cleaner, faster.

Everything Fits.

The Clean Phone Pro is almost an inch longer and half an inch wider than most sanitizer compartments. That means larger phones fit easily. It also means you can sanitize multiple household items at once. Like earbuds, keys, jewelry and more.

More Than A Sanitizer.

The high speed wireless charging station on top of the Clean Phone Pro lets you charge while sanitizing other items inside. And we include the QC 3.0 wall plug needed to charge even the latest, larger phones, saving you the purchase of an expensive adapter.

Our newest upgrade to our flagship model makes The Clean Phone better than ever. Now with a larger compartment, high speed wireless charging, and more UV-C lights, The Clean Phone is an affordable way to bring home the industry leader in UV Sanitizing.

KN95 Masks

FDA Authorization

Anti-fraud technology to confirm authenticity on every package. In stock and shipping today. Now with bulk pricing available.

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