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KN95 Respirator Face Mask, 10-Pack or 100-Pack, Certified To FFP2 Standards


Certified Respirator Masks, In Stock and Shipping Immediately For Free.

Pack of 10 or 100 KN95 Respirator Masks. Certificate of Conformity from National Testing Laboratory to FFP2 Standards.

These masks just received a passing test from the National Personal Protection Laboratory (NPPTL) and results are published on the CDC website. 


New health guidance recommends medical masks like these respirators for anyone over 60 or with an underlying condition and for the rest of the population, all masks should have at least 3 layers.

In some states wearing masks has been required, and whether you’re under a longer stay-home order, or especially if you have a reason to leave your home, a respirator mask is absolutely the best way to protect yourself, your family and community.


KN95 masks deliver ≥95% filter performance and these masks have a certificate of conformity to FFP2 standards. Getting quality masks into the hands of as many people as possible is an important step to helping reduce transmission and ultimately keep more people safe. We have a small quantity available now, and these will ship immediately from the Chicago area.

Additional Details

  • ≥95% Filter Performance
  • CE certified. Tested to FFP2 Standards by a nationally certified testing laboratory. Meets EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standards. Certificate Number CIC200313063-ZJ-ZS.
  • FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing.
  • Eligible for authorization under the terms of the FDA's April 3rd EUA.
  • CDC lists KN95 masks as a type of respirator that "May Be Used in Lieu of NIOSH-Certified Products Classified as N95." This is also true for the EN 149-2001 standard to which these masks were tested. 

Please Note

These masks are not being sold for medical use. The company that supplied these masks assures us that our shipments are not depriving any health care facility of their supply. While the FDA and CDC have recently allowed certified KN95 masks to serve as a substitute for NIOSH certified N95 masks, our goal is to provide these to individuals for use in the community to help keep people protected and reduce transmission. Frontline medical professionals know best what supplies to acquire to protect their colleagues and patients and thanks to new guidelines by the FDA and CDC, those supplies are finally becoming available to them.

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